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ENO Tree Planting Day 22 May!

We only have two weeks until ENO Tree Planting Day 22 May! Great to have you involved. The day will be very meaningful for schools and their communities around the world.


We submitted ENO song about forests to Global Rockstar, a song contest for children and youth about environmental issues. The winning song will be heard in Rio +20.

We have received almost 20 000 votes but need more to win. We kindly ask Your school to join the challenge. You can vote daily from every computer, laptop, ipad or smart phone
for 10 days now. If you have different browsers in your computer you can vote from all of them. The voting will end 19th of May 2012.
Help us!, 5 -10  votes per day from you/your school/office  would make a difference. ♥

warm regards,
Mika Vanhanen

VOTING: Click on heart beneath the video here:


Mr Mika Vanhanen
director, founder
Environment Online -. ENO
tel +358 40 5070725

More about Mika Vanhanen: 

"Use wisely what's been given and give back what you owe

we need them for our living: we want our forest to grow."